numbing agents for nipple piercings

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 7:54 AM

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I would be interested to get your opinion on numbing creams being used for (female) nipple piercings? I had my left nipple pierced about 10 years ago and it was VERY painful (I made a noise like a yodelling cat haha!). It took ages to heal and was quite painful (I am large breasted which I don’t think helps), so I took it out. I am now thinking about getting both of them done (older, wiser, more aware of correct follow-up care etc), and would welcome your advice. Thanks!

Hey there, I don’t normally recommend my clients to use numbing creams on nipple. I find it can change the skin by over saturating it and making the tissue rubbery.  Depending on your structure maybe it would be OK, but pop in to your piercer for a consult before you apply the cream to get it done.

I find that free handing nipples seems to be very comfortable if done by a piercer who has a lot of experience in this technique, just takes the clamping pain out of the equation (which I found was a bit bitey)

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I think my nipple has an abscess

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:27 PM

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I got my nipples pierced June 24th.

I’ve been babying them and whatnot, but I am a clutz.

I can’t tell you how many times something got wrapped around the piercing and pulled on it.

Once I was laying down and my boyfriend pulled the blanket off me, unknown to us…my nipple had some strings wrapped around it.

Hurt like a bitch.

And it always happens to the left.

I’ve been feeling feevery and crappy, I think I have an abscess on my left nipple.

Honestly I love the piercing, but if I need to, I’ll take it out. (After I get rid of the abscess of course)

If it’s still as bad in a week, I’ll go to the doctor.

I’d go sooner, but I have no insurance.

(the thing I think is abscess basically just looks like a big white head next to the nipple piercing entrance)

If you were me, what would you do?

The good news is that your nipple is okay, there isn’t an infection or anything really serious going on there.

The bad news is that it has been pierced a little deep, meaning it comes out on the areola which usually results in very difficult to heal piercing.

I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea bag soaks as part of your daily cleaning routine to help them go down and back to normal, but that will only fix the scar tissue - not stop it from forming again. You will need to not bump it or get it caught to stop it from coming back again.

A slightly shorter bar may also help with the getting caught factor, as it appears your one is a bit long. This is fine for the initial swelling period, however can be troublesome once the swelling has gone down.

Try your hardest to sleep flat on your back, try sleeping with sunglasses on (seriously, it stops you from turning over) or positioning hard pillows (or cushions) to either side so you physically are unable to roll over.

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Stretched nipple piercings.

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:27 PM

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I have recently started stretching my two year old vertical nipple piercings.

The left one, which I did first, is now at a 6ga and seems to have stretched lengthways as well as widthways, which I am happy about as the main reason I started was to make them bigger.

The right, however, which is currently at an 8ga, hasn’t stretched lengthways at all which means I now have very different sized nipples! They were slightly different shapes to begin with which I am guessing is the reason, but I didn’t think it would make such a difference. Any suggestions? Could the right one have been pierced shallower originally?

I now also need to find correct jewellery - I need something longer than most tunnels/ plugs - at least 15mm long. And with a gentle flare as the o ring is too irritating. I cant seem to find anything suitable. Will I have to get custom made?

Cheers and gone.

Nipple piercings are odd little things, they often (even un-stretched) create what we call the ‘hammerhead effect’ - where it grows in the same direction as the piercing, looking like a shark’s head.

As far as the different sizes go, this is very common and could be a sign of them being pierced differently or could just be how your body wants to heal. Often one nipple is larger than the other, even before the piercings are done.

For large gauge vertical nipple piercings, I nearly always recommend custom teflon “T” shape bars. I normally get all of my custom wood and polymer through Aesthetics and have used teflon for a number of clients and they all love it. Be sure to specify exactly what length you need (give a bit extra, to be safe) and you can even request that they are a little tapered on the bottom end (so you can stretch with them easily).

Once they are at a size you are happy with, you could even get some wood pieces made. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds as they are very light, will soak up oil (oiling is important when stretching anything!) and shouldn’t be outrageously expensive.

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Nipple Piercing

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

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I have 2 questions. First, I just recently got my nipples pierced (1 week ago), i have no pain, no discharge, and no inflammation in my nipples(healing well i’m assuming?) well the one thing i have a problem with is my left one is a little crooked. The one side is out more than the inside. I was wondering if it was migrating or if my piercer just pierced it wrong. He also pierced with a 16 gauge which from what i’m seeing is too small? 2nd. I play rugby and was wondering if i could play in 2 games on Friday. I would obviously cover my piercings up with numerous band aids and tape. but i wanted to know if they would have a higher risk of becoming infected if i had band aids on them for 3 hours. what would you recommend?

At one week, it is still quite early on in your healing - but so far sounds good! They can take up to 6 months to be 100%.

Chances are the crooked one was just pierced a little off. Nipples are difficult to pair up perfectly as they change when hard and soft, not to mention they are often not even to start with.

I know quite a number of piercers that pierce male nipple piercings at 16g, however personally I only do 14g or 12g to support the thin tissue and promote quicker healing.

Infection won’t necessarily occur if you band aid them, however you are at a much higher chance of irritating them and possibly causing hypertropic scar tissue.

If you need to cover them, I would suggest to buy some cheap eye patches (seriously here) and tape them over your nipples. It will allow them to still breathe, they will be protected from light bumps and stop clothing rubbing against them. It doesn’t work for everyone, one of my clients told me about it and had fantastic success, but give it a whirl before you band-aid them.

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Nipple piercing not healing

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 11:25 AM

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My wife had her nipples pierced ten years ago. They still have not stopped with the crusty thing and seem to be healing even still. It seems to me that this is an awfully long time to go.

She has very big nipples, maybe the size of a dime across when stiff and the jewelry is 10 gauge surgical steel. It appears that they were pierced correctly, is the gauge too small for her nipples and/or is the turn in the jewelry too tight for the width of her nipples?

ten years is a long time to have to wait to heal. She wants to get further piercing but this has put her mind uneasy if they are not going to heal.

Any suggestions help would be fantastic. She does wash/soak them, did for several years in fact. There is no rough play with them either, as most of the time they are too sensitive to do much with.

Look forward to your help!

J and V

My suggestion would be to swap them to titanium barbells, often rings (especially with larger nipples) can cause the rings to ‘dig in’ on the sides and cause irritation. Irritation from rings would also explain the discomfort and the sensitivity.

Titanium will also eliminate the chance of a reaction to the steel, its also half the weight of steel and comes in heaps of cool colours!

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Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

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I got my nipple pierced almost a week ago and the healing has been alright other then I noticed the side by nipple is pierced on the breast seems more cold than the side that isn’t. Is that normal? Also I’ve been getting a bit of pain on my breast once in a while, none on the nipple.

Discomfort from swelling and bruising in a fresh piercing is totally normal, sometimes in surrounding areas.

As far as the temperature goes, that seems quite odd - I think it could be totally coincidental. It could ‘feel’ warmer on one side that is perhaps bruised, which results in an increase in blood circulation to the area.

Keep an eye on it, but I would say it’s nothing to worry about.

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It hurts :(

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

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Hiya, I got both of my nipples pierced on dec 10th 2011. They used to be a bit sensitive before but now they’re even more sensitive then they used to be :( . I’m hoping they’re not infected they don’t usually cause much pain during the day unless they hook onto something without wanting them too. I don’t wear bras; I find them somewhat uncomfortable since I got them pierced and when I take the bra off at night, it just feels heavy and un natural. I clean them 1 - 2 times with b…… something lol. I was hoping to get a bit of insight as to know if it’s normal for them to still be sore after 2 months. (I’m guessing it doesn’t help when my fiancee knocks them while sleeping at night :( )

Thank you.

Increased sensitiy is very common with nipple piercings as it often makes them constantly hard which makes them rub against clothing more than normal. I wouldn’t be concerned with it as it usually goes down after they are fully healed.

Infections in piercings is usually quite a rare thing and I wouldn’t be too worried about them.

Sleeping on a healing piercing, bumping them or yourself (or others) knocking them will always make a healing pieircing play up. I would try your hardest to not get them bumped and knocked, to ensure a fast healing happy piercing.

Discomfort can also be a sign of incorrectly fit or shaped jewellery, I always think its your best idea to heap a nipple pieircing with a straight 14g/12g titanium barbell. Rings often cause pinching of the tissue (especially when not erect) and titanium can help with any metal sensitivity.

If it continues to get worse, feel free to either submit another ASK submission and include a picture so we can see whats going on. You can also go back to your piercer for a check up and make sure that all is fine.

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Nipple Piercing Aftercare ?

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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I had both my nipples pierced earlier today, and decided to read more about aftercare. I’ve noticed a bit of a conflict between the recommendation though.

My piercer only said to wash it with antibacterial soap once a day. Other than that he said to use a q-tip with warm water to gently remove the blood on the piercing (telling me to move the bar to get all of it off, now reading some of the other posts I don’t think I should of moved it) about an hour after I got home. He mentioned nothing about sea salt soaks.

Meanwhile, I’ve read on some articles here to use sea salt soaks 2-3 times a day, and only use the soap if it actually gets dirty.

So, what should I follow, or are there any general tips to keep in mind? I’m a tad bit worried with my piercings, as I have a large chest (from what I’ve ascertained they’re harder to heal), and I’d rather avoid getting them infected/’damaged.’ (I’m horrified at the thought of Mastitis, haha!)

Thanks muchly.

Personally I always recommend saline soaks over anything antibacterial or soapy. The reason for this is that your body is made to heal, saline speeds up the natural process of this. Other aftercare methods will often slow down your natural healing and can cause problems.

To clean your piercing, basically microwave a shot glass (or small cup) of normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner from the chemist) for around 3-4 seconds and flip the shot glass . Make sure its warm BUT NOT HOT! It should ‘clean’ all the crusties and encouraging blood circulation and promote fast healing.  You should repeat this twice to three times a day and make sure you rinse off any excess saline after a soak with water (showering after is the best thing you can do).

The chance of an infection is minor, if your piercer is clean and you follow aftercare. It doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen, however over cleaning it will often cause more problems than do good. I would suggest to not use q-tips to clean the piercing (as you can often aggravate it more),

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Hole in my nipple

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

Filed under: Nipple

Hi there. I got both my nipples pierced about a month ago. They seem to be healing fine, a few crusties but no blood or pain. But the other day, I noticed I have a hole about the size of a pin through the front of the nipple. It’s about 2mm from one of the actual piercing holes. It doesn’t hurt or anything, so I was wondering if it was just like a normal nipple hole for milk, or if something’s going wrong with the piercing. It’s such a small hole that you can’t see it unless you stretch the skin during cleaning or whatever.

This could be a couple things, with without a photo - its nearly impossible to tell whats going on. The piercing could be pierced to shallow or it could simply be a large milk duct (usually ladies have 12-20 of these per nipple).

If the piercing is healing well and you don’t have any redness or translucent tissue around the hole, I wouldn’t be too stressed about it. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t start growing in size, as this could be an early sign of rejection.

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Female nipple piercings through the areola

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:42 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I just had my nipples pierced yesterday. I chose a piercing shop I thought had a good reputation, but perhaps I was overly trusting. I had wanted two horizontal piercings with straight barbells, but when the piercer marked the locations on me, I didn’t even think to check them out in a mirror (nor did he offer). Low and behold, they are now pierced quite deep through the areola, where I recall reading through numerous sources, the jewellery should not touch.

I am a bit concerned, and am wondering if they even stand a chance at healing? They are both developing red streaks on the outside entrance as well, you may see them in the photo, what are they? I’m worried about the way the barbel digs in as well. Any suggestions?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think your right to be concerned. They do have a chance of healing but I don’t believe its that good of a chance.

My advice is to go back to the shop and politely explain that you aren’t happy with the piercings. If they have a good reputation like you say they should be more than happy to help you in correcting the problem. If they don’t then maybe its time to find a new shop.

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