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Re: hip surface piercing or dermal anchor?

Should add my pain tolerance isn't bad, pierced my spider bites by myself.

Annon (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

I really want my hips pierced! I am turning 19 and am 108 pounds, but very curious as to if it would be better to get the bar or the dermal. I'm leaning towards dermal, but scared of rejection and pain. Thoughts??

Annon (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Closing stretched lobes

I meant 8mm which is a 0 gauge sorry for tbe confusion

A (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

I stretched my ears to an 8 gauge and I've had them for about 5 years, I took them out for about 3 months now and one has closed quite well but the other is about a 4 gauge still. I've applied to join the navy and need to go in in two weeks to show them they are closed any ideas? I've tried massaging them for the past 3 months and it worked at first but tit isn't getting any smaller

A (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Pimples on newish Tattoo

I have a tattoo a little over a month old,about 3 weeks ago I started to break out only on that one specific tattoo (upper arm). I tried everything,changing sheets,lotions,soap (all unscented)..nothing helped it. Even switched to aveeno non-comedogenic lotion with oatmeal to help cure acne,still no luck. Only thing that seems to relieve it is just letting it breathe..wash it,and leave it alone. It's just annoying because I take care of all my ink the same but it's that ONE specific tattoo that just hugs acne :( any clue why??

Dregz (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Barbell ball being swallowed by nipple piercing.

I got one of my nipple pierced about two weeks ago while working in Spain. It was on impulse, but I'm super happy about it. The piercer didn't even speak english, but I understood that I had to rinse it three times a day for six months. Wtf? Today I noticed the same thing as above and I freaked out. I'm concerned that it might disappear into my nipple somehow. After reading the tips above earlier today, I've been drinking a lot of water and just cleansing it like normal. I've been kind of stupid touching it a lot, but I'll try not to from now on. While writing this it already looks better, and hopefully it will be ok. I think I'll stop by a shop when I get back from vacation just to be sure everything is okay and just in case I have to change the barbell. This post calmed me down a bit, thanks!

Ida (93 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: About the size and stretching of a Prince Albert curved barbell

I had a PA done on Wednesday. 10G BBR (19mm size). Titanium. Bled quite a bit during first 24 hours but then stopped. Keeping up the soaking regime and the bruises now going, As many others have said before: why did I wait so long? I love it. Will go up to 8 G in early October. Happy customer!

Barrie (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Frenum and bicycles

It's not a problem at all. I have a 6ga ampallang and a 4ga frenum, and cycling has never caused an injury. I ride mostly fixed gear, with some BMX and mountain biking as well. I would advise cycling shorts for long rides, but that's sort of a given.

ChopperMark (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Cheek piercings gone wrong!

hi ive had my cheeks done 3years yes they r heal but they still do beome irritated if there bumped r chewed on r just a hit u have to treat your piercings with care and keep cleaned no matter for how long clean clean clean even after 3years mine still act up from time to time and for the bumps that comes from either biteing down on something to hard r getting it caught on things sqeeze them they will become bigger but pop it its just all the puss build up i put salt on mine to bust and for other things never have i experienced but do know it takes time for healing at least 2 years

tammy (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Are we "Too old for piercing"

Having just written this it has occured to me I did not mention the weight of the rings. A quick calculation tells me they are both wearing around 170g or 6oz of gold.

Charles (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

I'm 58 and got my nipples pierced 2 years ago with CBR's. About 3 months later my Mother commented on the 'lumps in my shirt', so I opened it to to show her the rings. Joking I removed one and said lets see what you would look like and lifted a breast out of her bra and after a bit of a struggle managed to get the ring to stay in place on her large & chunky nipple, she said don't be so bloody stupid, slapped the ring down on the table and stuffed her EE back in its bra cup and the conversation quickly returned to gardening. The following evening I turned up with my wife & went straight round the back to do the gardening, Mum brought us a cup of tea out and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra, this was definitely not normal for her, in fact I think I had ever known it before (unlike her sister, my Auntie, who was also there and I had never known to wear one). I commented on the lack of bra and she quickly blushed and went indoors. I returned again the following day to continue in the garden and again she was wearing no bra she again blushed and tried to change the subject, I twigged the connection with the conversation about my piercings and demanded to see what she had done. I opened her blouse and found she had pierced her nipples, very deep into her aureolae, with nappy pins, they both looked red and angry. I was very concerned and phoned my piercer for advice, who suggested I take her straight in to see him. She would only go if I picked up Auntie too, this I did and they both went into the studio leaving me outside. 20 minutes later they came out, went to the counter to pay for the visit and we all went back to hers in silence. Over a cup of tea she suddenly let lose, on Aunties wedding night 62 years earlier my new Uncle had banned her from ever wearing a bra and pierced behind a nipple (behind the aureole) using a carpenters bradawl and inserted gold wire and soldered the ends together to form a ring. He pierced only one so he would be able play with the other without causing her problems and pierced behind the aureole so she would be able to feed their children, on their 1st anniversary he pierced her other nipple in the same way. Mum said how she had always been jealous of her sister pierced nipples but my Dad had forbidden her to be pierced. At this point I asked what the piercer had said or done and she said I would have to look for myself, I opened her blouse again, he had removed the pins and repierced her as she had demanded right at he edge of her aureolae so the piercing is about 2 1/2 inches long and also at the conventional location at the base of the nipples, fitted barbells on the promise of changing them for rings after a minimum of 6 months when and if they have healed. She also said she was not wearing a bra because it was hurting too much. I then asked my Auntie how long she had kept her nipple piercings and was a little surprised when she still had them and even more surprised that they are still the original gold loops. I then cheekily leaned over the table to undo her top and was gobsmacked to see the gold wire is 3/16" diameter and the 2 loops are at least 5" across, not that they are very round and the piercings are behind the nipple making them about 3" long but the thing that really came like a bolt from the blue is the 2 rings are linked together she also has conventional piercings which were 50th & 51st anniversary additions. I could not resist and had to suck on one, the metal made an interesting difference, I then apologised, at that she laughed and said that she had fed me and my brother on a regular basis and she was missing my uncles suckling since he died a couple of years before so I was very welcome. The way she said suckling I asked if there was more to it than that and she expressed some milk, I again latched on and this time suckled, she had to give me some instruction as it had been well over 50 years since I had known how to do this, but once I was into the swing of I really enjoyed what was happening. Mum then dropped a bombshell and said that she was also missing feeding my Dad for the last year and when her piercings were healed I would be expected to return to her breast too, they had both been in full milk since their first babies, my cousin of 60 and me. To everyones surprise Mums piercings healed very well and at 6 months I took her to have her rings fitted, she had been pulling on them to stretch the holes and the new rings are solid gold 6 gauge and 80mm and 40mm diameter, she loves them and keeps saying how she wishes she had had them years ago. A massive change in her is how extrovert she has now become, until this happened she would criticise anyone for having a bra strap showing and would always wear a slip so her bra could not show through her outer clothing, after the initial novelty of being bra less she now tends to wear bright coloured 1/2 cup bras so the rings are not enclosed and has purchased a selection of thin blouses, some very see through, and is proud when people see the rings. It also makes it very easy for me when I suckle her which is most times we see each other. She has started dating a 'toy biker boy', as she calls him of 54 years. I say you are never too old to have piercings Mum is now 78 and considering getting some larger rings. Auntie is 82 and I take her to the studio to get genital piercings every 4 months which she gets great pleasure showing off whenever she can.

Charles (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

I'm 50 and have a number of cartilege piercings which I absolutely love. The most recent being an Industrial Scaffold piercing and triple forward helix piercing. I also have a nipple piercing which I got done last year and a couple of dermal piercings. I'm really liking the Monroe piercing but wonder if I'm too old to go for it.

Jacqui (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Ashes in tattoo ink?

My dog passed away two days ago and I got the same idea to forever keep a memory of her on my body with the ashes of her before I spred them in to the ocean. R.I.P Shiva my dear friend you will never be forgotten <3

Michal (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Cheek piercings gone wrong!

Well ive Never had a dimple piercing but i had my angel bites proffesional done and about around the second month i started a get a bump that when i pushed on it it would pop out so i finally decided to take it the bump was there for about a month and it finally went away so now im just left with the scar so if you do take it out the bump will eventually go away

Selena (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Barbell ball being swallowed by nipple piercing.

To the person who said that any educated piercer should have used hoops, I think you're actually mistaken. I did a lot of research at different shops before I got mine done and every single one of them said that they will ONLY pierce you with a barbell because it's better for the healing process. They person used one that was way too short in this case! Mine were done with barbells that were comically large and I couldn't wait to switch them out, but it was nice for the healing process. good luck!

Kay C (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Closing stretched lobes

at 7/16 and have been for like 7 years. i'm just over it and really really want to wear normal earrings. anyone have any advice of what products to use?

taylor (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Are we "Too old for piercing"

I'm 65 and want to get a PA, but am afraid on the tendency I've noticed to get bigger and bigger gauged piercings.Right now all I want is a small one. Does that change? I am also a nude artist model and would wonder if I would lose gigs if I was to get one. My wife is OK with my getting one, although I can't say she is enthusiastic about it.I thought I would just get a scrotal piercing first, but something tells me not to bother. The piercer I would be going to is a woman. Is there a problem with tha? I feel like I might get an erection with a strange woman handling the goods, and that would not only be embarrassing but might cause it to be more painful. Any one have that experience?

Bruce (93 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Prince Albert Piercing

@ Number 8. No. I would imagine that would be bad in fact. The piercer should know what diameter size to give you. I was scared that the my first erection would be super painful, but I actually didn't even notice it. Anyways, I would be surprised if you would mentally be able to get hard at the piercing either. It's definitely a mind f*ck even if you're excited to get it.

Aaron (93 months, 4 weeks ago)

Re: Closing stretched lobes

Well,i have my ear lobes stretched to 5mm.(i know,they're too small to worry about,but I do!) I put the 5mm stretcher in about 2 days ago and today I took it off because it was red and I think its a little infected..thats why I want them closed backto normal lobes. I have now the 2mm stretcher in and its still like that! Oh also I have them stretched for 10months or so. Im really worried. even tho I didnt pass any sizes..anyway. I really hope to be healed cos im too young for a sutgery like this..i know that i dont really need it.. Some weeks ago I wasnt wearing a taper at all because I had lost it and it closed about a half size in 12-15 hours.. I want to have my lobes stretched but only till 6-8mm..not too big not too small.. Im massaging it with olive oil,its natural with not any prosthetics added.. Try it! I think its working but what you got to lose?! *sorry for my bad English,im from Greece and im 14 soo..* anyway guys.i hope I dont have to tell it my mum cos shes gonna kill me:P any other ides for downsizing healthy and fast would be appreciated:) thanks!

raf. (94 months ago)

Re: Tongue Web Infection?

I also got my tongue web pierced about a month ago, and i noticed like a white groth only on one of the sides, but i just left it, and really did't worry about it, but today i woke up, and there is a huge bump on only that side, i looked it up, and i think it may be a keloid or an infection D: someone help me. how do i get rid of it? is it an infection?

alexa (94 months ago)

Re: Raised tissue on my lip piercing

Found a better Solution keloid for oral piercings (lip, cheeks, tongue, etc) what i use: antiseptic mouth wash (no alcohol), h2ocean (or non-iodized sea salt and warm water), tea tree oil, and cortizone (intensive healing formula). **u can substitute mouth wash + h2ocean and instead get the h2ocean mouth wash =] **DO NOT USE THE COLGATE MOUTH WASH I MENTION if this doesnt help GO SEE A PIERCER =]

Vanessa (94 months ago)

Ok so I had this problem and my first guess was dead skin. So me being an idiot decided to try and cut some of it off. Now its been a few weeks since and its twice the size and a little pink. Help?

tristan (94 months ago)

Re: Are we "Too old for piercing"

I am 56 and have a double hafada (barbell with ring underneath) and a frenum. I wish I had them done when I was young :)

Larry (94 months ago)

Re: Raised tattoo means botched tattoo?

im covered in black n shade and have had this problem on an off for over 15 years, old and new react the same to hot weather spells, if i itch them they are more prone to raise up, I suffer from psoriasis to and have been told by a dermatologist team that psoriasis can take over in parts of the skin that have been damaged. so its a possibility that I could get it on all my tats. I HAVE HAD A REMOVAL OF ONE TAT AND THIS PATCH OF SKIN NO LONGER RAISES UP OR REACTS TO HEAT! ADVISE: cool them down (wet skin and a fan usually works for me to relieve the itching)and keep them moisturised all the time, protect urself against the heat and the sun. To be a walking work of art comes with a price! ;-)

colin (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Tongue Split Question

hi. I have just done all the research on tongue splitting now I am just after how to actually get it done here in Sydney or somewhere in NSW? anyone here that is like just underage where the did you get it done??? tell me please! EMAIL ME: [email protected]

monica (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Closing stretched lobes

Use stretch mark cream to help with elasticity.

Katy (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Tragus VS Dental Pain

Got my tragus pierced pain free and so happy! Two days later, dull achie pain in bottom jaw/teeth on same side, this prompted me to search for answers. After what Ive read Im going with a "yes", there is a relationship between tragus piercing and tooth pain. Hope this helps solve a for someone else :)

sherri rodriguez (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Tongue Web Infection?

I got my tongue Web more than a week ago and a reddish bump forming and a little bit of "white stuffs" coming out , it also hurts, a scale of 1 too 10 it's about a 5

Billie (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Is pen ink dangerous to use for a homemade tattoo?

Also, be very careful, it is very addictive. I already want to give myself more tats and as for me it's a spiritual thing, I wont allow any one else that level of intimacy with my body. ... But this craving for more, I can tell, is really dangerous. If you have addictive personality issues, DON'T GET A TAT LIGHTLY! Also, the odds of effing up and giving yourself an ugly one is good reason to pause and think if over a minute.

niles (94 months, 1 week ago)

I did mine in church bathroom, yesterday after my mom's funeral on my ankle bone where I used to burn myself with cigarettes. (this background info serves to let you know I'm not the most stable person, so take my advise witha grain of salt) I used, and recommend using a syringe needle (hospital needle) And it came in a sterile tube and package. I would suggest getting a sterile needle from some sort of first aid kit or medicle supply store. It also works better as the needle is cut at an angle and allows for the ink to slide in from the needle. Also, yes hand sanitizer on the skin before, during and after and a sterile gause from the med kit to keep it moist for a while after you finish (IDK about the moist part, but was told by someone else)

niles (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: microdermals vs. skin divers?

Just for the record, I have a skin diver and love it. It healed just fine like any other piercing as long as its taken care of. I haven't had any problems with it and it came more recommended than a sub dermal based on the fact that that is a surgical procedure and that you need to have it surgically removed again. 2 of the piercers I have seen (for different piercings) had more than one skin diver and had no problems.

Miranda (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Closing stretched lobes

hey guys! im 15 and a couple days ago i was at a 0g and decided that i was tired of having gauges. I had had them at a 0g for a couple of months. What i did was I massaged and cleaned my ear lobes then put in size 2g plugs, at first they were pretty loose and could be pulled through my ear. After about 2 days i decided to try and put in size 4g soft wear tunnels after massaging my earlobes and they fit. So far so good and all i can say is that you should gradually downsize so your ear will have something to grab onto

Chelsie (94 months, 1 week ago)

Re: Are we "Too old for piercing"

I am a well-preserved fifty-six and have four tattoos, one of which is a half sleeve, and another of which I have had for more than twenty years. Both are custom and one has been featured in a magazine. I am planning on getting one more custom tattoo at some point. In addition to this I have 12 piercings five in one ear(one is a cartilage piercing) and four in the other. I've had all of the ear piercings for a long time and did most of them myself. I also have a vertical hood piercing which I got almost four years ago and which was a very painful experience. I have had a belly button piercing for a couple of years, and felt no pain when it was done. My newest piercing, in my right nostril, was done about 8 months ago and was quite painful to have done. I am planning on getting one more belly button piercing and a Monroe.

Caroline (94 months, 1 week ago)



Aryan (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Raised tissue on my lip piercing

Two years ago I got my monroe done for my 18th birthday and I never had this problem. I then had to take it out for my old job (for roughly 3-4 months). I decided I really wanted it back so I went and got it redone. This time I have this little painful skin growth (mind you, I still had in the longer starter labret). I've noticed that my lip is still swollen a bit as well. My friends all told my just to change it to a normal labret and it should be fine, but its still there and I'm afraid it may cause it to get worse since it is a shorter bar. There is no puss or anything gross coming from the piercing, the skin growth bled a few times when I was trying to change the bar, but I think it was because it got kind of pinched. /: (I got this piercing one month ago) Is this going to go away on its own? I really cant leave it out for a few days or even one because my last monroe closed in a natter of hours. Is this happening because this is a piercing over an old one? I am really at a loss with what to do. I have gone through all of the obvious steps and I havent seen any significant change. I am really worried I will have to take it out again ): in which case I probably wont be getting it done again. Thanks.

Leigh Anne (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Bloody tissue from bottom hole of navel piercing?

I had the same problem and bought h2ocean solution it works like a miracle cleaned it in the morning and at night u can ppurchase it at any hot topic store

Beyoutiful (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

ive had my belly done for about month now, and its not sore, itchy or anthing but I got puss coming from the bottom hole, but the other day I changed my bar and its not got puss coming out any more but a red things has appeared at the bottom, I touch it with a cotton bud but I don't feel a thing. I check in the morning before a shower and its stuck around the bottom of my bar and my belly buttons got blood in it, I really don't know what it is but I would really like it sorted, anyone know?

chanel (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: About the size and stretching of a Prince Albert curved barbell

I had my PA done yesterday, and OUCH! I've had a frenum piercing for many years now and really love it - so does the wife but decided to go the whole hog and have a PA. Margie the piercer was very very good, put me at ease etc etc and did the piercing with what she said was a standar 2mm needle (12 gauge). That, was ok , but that's when the problem started. I had brought my own titanium jewellery was 3.2mm BCR (8gauge) with 22mm diametre. Neither of us had thought anything about the size of my BCR and it was something she had never come across before - like putting a square peg into a round hole. She tried find and suitable 12 or even 10 gauge ring or barbel, but this being South Africa, a previous employee had walked out with a bunch of stock. So I'm laying there for 30 mins whilst she's trying to find stuff. Eventually she used some local anestetic and numbed everything and slowly worked my BCR through the piercing without tearing it. Didn't bleed much then but poured out loads of blood later in the evening. Also it's currently very very tender and feels very strange but i guess that will soon sooth out as it heals. I'm very happy with it so far and I also have no plans at present to stretch it, but we'll see!

Alan (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: Dried Blood Removal

This helps me more than you know. I've had a major clot inside my ear for a while the Dr has recently had to put me on antibiotics because I've been keep trying to dig it out with warm water and Qtips this is a big NO NO. So as of right now I am going to try the peroxide solution because I've gotten to the point where it's starting to effect my equal liberum (my sence of balance) and I feel like I'm under water. I'll try and let you know if it works.

Denise (94 months, 2 weeks ago)

Re: My beloved septum piercing is infected.

This is pretty common. Just try to avoid touching your piercing. And start cleaning it again with (sea)salty water. When I bump my nose and it gets swolen or an abcess comes up, it will be fine within a day or 2 with the rigth treatment.

Erica (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Piercings and Blood thinner medication

hi i had to have s full blood count dont and my platelets come back raised at 547 is this still safe to have percings

kayleigh (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Barbell ball being swallowed by nipple piercing.


Suliekhoh (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: About the size and stretching of a Prince Albert curved barbell

Did my own PA the first of June. I have been curious about this piercing for some reason for many years. Pierced at 8ga stretched to 6 gauge right away. Just tapered to a 4ga today. All I can say is I wish I would have done this years ago. Love the look and feel. Gonna wait for a few months, let gravity do some work, then gauge up to a 2ga.

finallydidapa (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Bumps on a new tattoo?

I got a tattoo on my foot 3 weeks ago tomorrow, and I've been using Bepanthen, and I've now got these bumps all around my tattoo. It's raised, itchy and red around my tattoo. It looks quite bad :-( I went to my tattooist and he said it looks like heat rash so take some antihistamine, so I took Claritin. I've been taking it since yesterday when I had it checked out. It doesn't look like its clearing up so I'm getting a bit worried now. There's a few blister like bumps there, so to satisfy my curiosity I popped one with a small needle and clear liquid came out. I don't know if I'm getting this because I'm reacting to the ink or the cream I was using. It's so annoying, I want it to clear up now! So worrying

Molly (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: lip snake bite piercing (infected)?

I am a Cosmetic Surgeon based in mumbai,India. I come across many surgeries like Lip Surgery, Eyelid Surgery etc. Here i want to say that piercing the Lip is not a big issue but caring for it is.Piercings can easily get infected in the first few weeks, so this is the time when you have to be the most meticulous about your cleansing.

Dr. Viral Desai (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: dimple piercings

I got both done three days ago and the outside balls are huge. I say just go with them if they get infected chill cause the infection will pass. Dont stress. The piercing procedure itself, painful no. Once again the pain will pass. I have 20 piercings and im only 17! I cannot compare it to tattoo pain because I dont have one yet. I smoke alot and clean at most twice a day haha. I have huge barbells and I thought my piercer was a butter when she said they use tongue barbells but thank fuck lady you are gold. One is like pain free and the other is dying ;( in order of pain with my piercings 1.septum 2.industrial 3.nose 4.bellybutton 5.cheeks 7.ear 8.tongue Get it done because unlike a tattoo, its removable

kirsty (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Suspension in Scotland

We run monthly suspension events in lonond (look up state of bliss on facebook). We have had many requests to suspend people in scotland, but alas the laws as they stand now would mean that all the crew involved could be charged with gbh and all our equient confiscated.

Tam Smith (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Raised tissue on my lip piercing

I had the same problem but now mine has completely covered the back of my lip ring therefore I cant get the ring out. Is there anything I can do for that??

Tuesday (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: Bioplast

I wanted to stop by and let you know that there are people out here who are DEADLY allergic to implant grade Titanium. I had foot surgery requiring 4 screws, all titanium. Within 6 mos of the last surgery, I had issues that were indicative of a severe systemic allergic reaction. Subsequently, an additional surgery was required to remove the screws. All issues were resolved within 15 days of surgery to remove screws. I say this because of a navel piercing I have had for 20 years. (YES 20!). After the systemic allergic reactions began, the 18KT SOLID GOLD captive bead ring I was wearing could no longer be tolerated. At this point, Bioplast curved barbell is ALL I can wear. Perhaps at a later date this will change and I can return to the gold. But for the time being, NO metals of any kind can be worn. I wish someone would make rock or glass curved barbells. :(

Jenna (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

Re: scalpelling blow outs

Btw , if you live in cali and find someone who can scalpel them (the blowouts) can you let me know. I'm in that situation aswell. Lmao Thanks ! :)

danny (94 months, 3 weeks ago)

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