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Joeltron - Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

Why hello there! I’m Joeltron - a professional body modification artist based in Sydney Australia. I personally have a number of visible implants, my eyeball tattooed, multiple stretched piercings, my tongue bifurcated, scarification and various other heavy modifications - so I understand the feeling of being on the sharp end of a needle and feel that it helps when understanding how one of my clients feel.

I have been professionally piercing since 2002 and opened my own Custom Tattoo & Piercing studio First Blood (Darlinghurst) in 2010 where I am the head body piercer and work with some truly amazing internationally renowned artists.

At my studio, we only pierce with g23 internal thread titanium jewellery and educate all of our clients to benefits of good quality materials and practitioners. Our shop is a huge advocate for APP.

I have always been into modifications, reading up on procedures and old/new methods since I was very young. I started working in a Piercing studio at the age of 18 where I began to soak up more knowledge and loved helping people. I started piercing professionally a short period after that and still love my job every single day!

Studio: - 77 William Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 Australia
Mobile: 0403 1337 77 (SMS Only)
Email: [email protected]

Kylie Garth - Sydney, NSW, Australia

My name is Kylie Garth. I am a professional body piercer and was born in New Zealand,I currently live and work in Sydney Australia at a studio called First Blood.

I have been piercing for 5 years and love my job very much. I love doing ear work,genital and anything heavy gauge.

I have had over 60 piercings and a few heavier modifications my favorites are my cheeks, double philtrum, 0g conchs and my tongue bifurcation.

I am constantly learning and expanding my skills to better myself

Studio Website:
Email: [email protected]

Ryan Mills - Dallas, TX

I started piercing over a decade ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. After my apprenticeship ended and I put in my time at my shop, I moved to Las Vegas to work on the strip. During my years in Vegas I toured with Ozzfest during the summer as their piercer. After growing tired of Las Vegas, I moved back to Salt Lake City. I have worked in several states over the years including Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. Most recently I have come to call Texas my home. I am a freehand piercer and am constantly striving to expand my body modification capabilities. My true passion is branding and scarification. I practice both strike and thermal cautery branding along with scalpel scarification.

I am currently manager and head modification artist at Eastside Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Dallas, Tx.

Studio Website:
Email: [email protected]

Cere Coichetti - New York, NY

Cere is a long time contributor to BME as well as an extremely controversial member of IAM. He’s considered by many to be an instrumental member of the suspension community and is known internationally for his facilitation of suspensions to those in need. Cere is a long time member of Rites of Passage.

Cere is a character that people seem to either love with a passion that drives them to allow him to tattoo them or people hate him so much that they boycott IAM. Cere will drop everything at the drop of the hat to fly across the country to help a friend in need, whether it’s a personal favor or to help them get off the ground and up into the air.

Regardless of if you love him or hate him, Cere will always be there for you.

Past ASK.BME Staff

Shawn Porter - Philadelphia, PA

Among other things, I am the co-creator of the ModCon events and the host/creator of the Scarwars Scarification events.

I have been known as a community archivist and ran the SPC website from 1995 until 2004, focusing on the contemporary history of our subculture. I’m about to enter my 20th year in the community- and can say in all honesty that some of the best and some of the worst people I’ve ever met have come from this subculture.

I may be the longest running member of the QOD still active, after returning from a brief hiatus.

I live in Philadelphia, enjoy being adorable and hush puppies. Feel free to ask me questions related to the history of Body Modification, scarification, tattooing or culture. Rachel wrote most of this.

Lori St. Leone - Darwin NT, Australia

I own and operate Vogue Body Piercing in Darwin, Australia. I began my piercing career in 1995, and am extensively experienced in all aspects of body piercing. As the senior piercer at the shop, I primarily specialise in advanced procedures, such as scarification, punch and taper method surface piercing, dermal punching cartilage, lobe scalpelling, genital beading, and placing and removing microdermals. I am originally from Alaska, and am a dual citizen of Australia and the USA (and thusly am proficient at both translating Browne & Sharpe gauges into metric, as well as translating Australian slang into English).

I joined the QOD staff in 2003 because I genuinely enjoy helping people and sharing my knowledge and experience, and because, quite frankly, this sausage party needed a little estrogen to balance things out. I’m really excited about the new AskBME layout and think it’s a fantastic step in the right direction for this great resource! I have a fairly offbeat sense of humour and don’t tend to suffer fools gladly, but I’m also really nice to the newbies. I’ll have a crack at almost any type of question submitted, so fire away. :)

Ryan Ouellette - Nashau, NH

I own and operate Precision Body Arts in Nashua, NH where I manage several tattoo artists and handle their clients’ questions. I myself perform body piercing and scarification primarily. My piercing technique includes forcep as well as freehand piercing, dermal punching cartilage and soft tissue, punch + taper piercing, micro-dermal anchoring, beading, and stretching. I travel internationally as a scarification practitioner, my cutting technique is heavily based on complex and intricate flesh removal. I also have limited firsthand knowledge of heavier mods such as tongue splitting and implants. I perform several hours of continuing education yearly, primarily at the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference. I’ve completed numerous courses in the areas of blood borne pathogens, anatomy, and equipment management.

Warren Hiller - Toronto, Ontario

I started my piercing apprenticeship in 2001 and worked in various cities over the years: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Darwin NT Australia.

I am now retired and am currently certified as a Sterile Supply Processing Specialist.

Derek Lowe - Minneapolis, MN

I’ve been piercing professionally for almost 13 years after serving a not-so-perfect apprenticeship. I consider myself about 50% self-taught with the rest of knowledge up to this point coming from doing guest piercing spots, networking with fellow piercers, attending the Association of Professional Piercers conference for 11 years and absorbing everything I can find related (directly and indirectly) to piercing. The World Wide MegaWeb Hypernets have played a large role in helping me stay in touch with other piercers and have allowed me to continual learn new things..

I don’t do a lot of “heavy” procedures, but I’m definitely no stranger to dermal-punching, punch-n-taper surface piercings and microdermals. Over the years I’ve done a bit of cutting as well, although it’s not my specialty.

I’m currently a piercer and general manager at Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis, MN.

Russ Foxx - Vancouver, BC

I am a professional body artist specializing in piercing, advanced modification, scarification and ritual experience. I have been practicing body art since 2001.

Body suspension plays a major role in my life and has influenced who I am today. I have personally experienced over 80 suspensions of different types with varying amounts and sizes of hooks; including vertical, horizontal and modified suspensions. I am a founder of “Modern Body Suspension ” (a Vancouver-based suspension team) and frequently host indoor and outdoor “SusCons” all over Canada. I perform freakshows and performance art on a fairly regular basis.

My home base is The Fall Tattooing & Artists Gallery at 644 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver, BC where I’m available by appt. or on Sundays and Mondays.

Primary Email: [email protected]
Studio Line: 604-676-3066
Personal: 778-227-9187

Tiff Badhairdo - Brighton, UK

I am a piercing practitioner and scarification artist based in the UK and as such, am very much committed to furthering the industry with regards to standards and best practice. In my quest for advancement, the internet has proved an invaluable resource allowing me to liaise and swap notes with others within the body modification sphere. My reason for joining the awesome AskBME team is simply to live up to my commitment.

I apprenticed in 2004 in London before moving back to my beloved Yorkshire to take up a position as a piercer at Eternal Ink in Sheffield. I now reside in the south of the UK in Brighton where I work on an appointment-only basis, mainly specialising in scarification. I also help facilitate suspensions with the Norfolk-based Body Evolution crew and more recently, the London-based Constant Elevation crew. I love surface work, with a preference for the punch and taper method. For other work I use both freehand and conventional techniques - which ever fits the job best. I have played an active part in other modifications too but my real passion lies with scarification. My particular developing style tends to be quite organic and I love working with symmetry, geometrical shapes and texture. The majority of my work draws heavily on linework with the odd bit of skin removal used to good effect.

Efix Roy - Quebec City, Canada

After having learnt everything I could on BME and experiencing quite a bit on myself, I began my apprenticeship in March 2002. I began piercing professionally in late 2002 and then, after feeling the need to make things better, helped open D-Markation with my friends in December of 2004 where I am still the full time head piercer. I am 100% freehand although I learnt with forceps at first. I also work with scalpels and dermal punches if the results can be enhanced by their use. I now mostly focus on scarification as well as a wide range of more extreme body modifications.
On AskBME, I’ll mainly focus on answering french questions.

Après avoir appris tout ce que je pouvais sur BME et avoir expérimenté beaucoup sur moi même, j’ai commencé mon apprentissage en mars 2002. J’ai débuté ma carrière de perceur corporel professionnel vers la fin de 2002 et puis, voulant changer les choses et les améliorées, avec quelques amis, nous avons ouvert les ateliers D-Markation où je suis toujours le perceur. Je suis 100% main libre, mais j’ai tout de même appris avec les forceps. Je perce aussi avec des scalpels et punch dermiques si ça peut améliorer le résultat de certains perçages. Je me concentre maintenant principalement sur la scarification ainsi que sur une large variétée de modifications corporelles plus extrêmes.
Sur AskBME, je vais principalement répondre aux questions francophones.

Lexci Million - Edmonton, Canada

I have been piercing professionally after apprenticeship for 7 years now. I am the manager and senior piercer at Dragon FX Kingsway. I focus on carrying out successful body piercings from nostrils to genitals and am co-founder of the Local Hookers suspension team.

I am an advocate for safe body piercing practices, acceptable body jewelry and aftercare and progressive techniques and ideas. I’ve attended the Association of Professional Piercers conference each year I’ve been piercing and continue to further my education for the benefit and safety of my own clients both there and networking online with other body modification practitioners around the world.

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